about me
I am Gabriela from Ecuador. I was working as a teacher and researcher in Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador. My research topic is: Fertilization in vitro, partial external morphology of embryos and larvae of Rhinella marina. Join to my online cla

I am a young researcher who focus on Developmental Biology, Ethology and Herpetology.

I completed my bachelor degree at Biological Sciences at the Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador (P.U.C.E.). The title of my dissertation is In vitro fertilization, partial external morphology of embryos and larvae of Rhinella marina (Anura: Bufonidae) and ovulation in Chiasmocleis bassleri (Anura: Microhylidae)”.

I enjoy teaching biology, spanish and english. My BSc was really comprehensive so, I plan to teach general biology too, not just my research topic. In this course you will learn to identify, understand, explain, and apply the fundamentals of life, from its beginning , differentiate the levels of organization, classification of living things , features ,and  evolution.

My hobbies are traveling, learning about new cultures, reading scientific articles about amphibian’s declination like consequence of global warming and others related topics. Also I read the newspaper each day in order to know what happen with natural resources and the new policies about conservation.

Join my online classes if you would like to practice your spanish or you plan to expand your knowledge in biology with a spanish speaker.

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