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Live online classes + Self-Study Activities
A complete language learning experience
Live online classes in our virtual classroom
Created by us and used in 152 countries

Our virtual classroom is unique and was created by us especially for teaching languages - with many special features for language learning so your live online classes can have the same great experience you would have in a real classroom.

The virtual classroom uses the latest technology so there is no need to install or start up any software.

Self-Study Learning Activities
For faster progress

In addition to the live online classes, students also receive learning materials plus preparation and practice exercises which the can do on their mobile phones or computers.

These learning activities help students practice what was learned in the live online class and prepare for the next class.

In this way each student receives a complete language learning experience.

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Personalized learning for each student
Based on your learning needs and goals

Before the first lesson each student completes an evaluation to determine their learning needs, goals, and topics of interests. Lessons are personalized according to the needs and goals of each student and will use topics that are of greatest to the student.

This personal approach ensures that each student achieves maximum results from each lesson and achieves their learning goals as quickly as possible.

Learn Anywhere at Anytime
Yokuji Mobile App

Whether at home, in a cafe, or on a bus, your students can learn on-the-go anywhere, anytime with our mobile app.

Available for both Android and iOS mobile devices.

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