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About this Course

See and experience some examples of the types of learning experiences you can create using!

See and experience some examples of the types of learning experiences you can create for your students. These learning experiences used in addition to the live online lessons.

Learning modules

  • Assignments Using Web Content
    • Prepositions - Section 1

    • English for the Bedroom

    • Business Letters

    • Fair Trade in the UK

    • Present Perfect

    • Understanding Stroke

    • The Dust Bowl

  • Assignments With Videos
    • The Architecture of Xavier Vilalta

    • Teacher Training: Krashen's Five Hypotheses of Language Learning

    • 5 Useful Idioms: To Talk About What You Know and What You Don't Know

    • Embedded Ted Talk Video

  • Assignments With Google Docs
    • Assignment with Google Docs

  • Interactive Assignments
    • Using Quizlet

    • Interactive Flashcard Demo

    • Drag and Drop Interactive Exercise

    • Management Style

    • Practice Listening and Writing

    • Example from PHET

    • Hotspot Images for Vocabulary

    • Find the past tense.

    • Example Using Prezi:

    • Grammar Exercise

    • Practice Math Formulas

  • Assignments Using Only a Picture
    • Matisse at the Hermitage

    • Pictures

  • Assignments With Content Created Using the "Articles" Function
    • Finding Main Idea in Paragraph

  • Assignments with listening Assignments
    • Demo of Soundcloud Embed

    • Listening: Interesting Podcast About Spider

  • Tour of the Virtual Room
    • Tour of the Virtual Classroom

    • Interactive Guide to the Virtual Room

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