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test course: Prepare for the U.S. Citizenship Exam

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About this Course

Prepare for success on the U.S. Citizenship Exam. In this course you will learn all the topics you need to know for this exam. At the end of the course, there is also an practice test will all of the questions which are on the Citizenship Exam.

Learning modules

  • First chapter
    • Practice Test: 101 practice questions (test copy)

    • The Geography of the United States (test copy)

    • Thanksgiving (test copy)

    • American Symbols and Celebrations (test course)

    • Fighting for our Rights (test copy)

    • U.S. History since 1900 (test copy)

    • The Civil War (test copy)

    • Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War (test copy)

    • Slavery In the United States (test copy)

    • A Growing Country: U.S. Wars 1800-1850 (test copy)

    • A Growing Country: U.S. Wars 1850 to 1900 (test copy)

    • A Growing Country: U.S. History in the 1800s (test copy)

    • The American Indians (test)

    • The Legislative Branch: Three Branches of Government

    • The Executive Branch: The Three Branches of Government (test)

    • The Judicial Branch: The Three Branches of Government (test)

    • The Federal Government and the State Governments (master copy)

    • The Balance of Power: The Three Branches of the U.S. Government (master copy)

    • The Father of our Country (test copy)

    • The Bill of Rights (test copy)

    • The Supreme Law of the Land (test copy)

    • Creating a New Government (test copy)

    • The Declaration of Independence (test copy)

    • All Men Are Created Equal (test copy)

    • The Colonies Under British Rule (test copy)

About the Instructor

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JP Guittard

I'm JP, the founder of Yokuji Global Language School.


I'm JP, the founder of Yokuji Global English School.

Since 1989 my schools in California have helped more than 40,000 students learn to communicate with confidence in English.

Now I have used my 30 years of experience to create the Yokuji Global English School to help students in every country achieve confidence and success with the English language without the inconvenience and expense of traveling to another country.

The Yokuji virtual classroom is unique in the world. It uses the best technology to bring you the best online language learning experience in the world.



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