about me
Szia! My name is Heni. I'm a hungarian, educated teacher from the capital of Hungary, Budapest. I'm a passionate, emotional and enthusiastic teacher who likes her job and wants to share the love of the hungarian language with you. Join me! :)

My name is Henriett Kormos. I'm 32 years old and working as a Hungarian Literature and Grammar Teacher in a hungarian secondary school. I passed the university here in Hungary.

Literature and grammar is my passion, but i also like to educate myself and explore other fields of interest. For example at the moment I'm learning as a Tourist Guide. I like to learn new countries, languages and nationalities and I want to keep in touch with foreigners too.

So I'd like to show you how beautiful is the hungarian language, countryside and culture. The best thing in teaching is to share my knowledge, enthusiasm and experiences with others.

Maybe it seems hungarian is not an easy language; but really logic, colourful and exotic. Really ;).

Language is a mirror of a nation's thinking. Through a foreign language you can observe a nation's culture, history and habits.

It doesn't matter what kind of reason you want to learn but I welcome You from any part of the world. If you just wanna have fun to learn us and the language, need to find a job here in Hungary or would like to be integrated in our beautiful country. If you join me, we will develope your language skills together in our small group: communication, grammar, pronounciation, comprehension, writing, etc. You can find more details about my course (Topics, Grammar) below. See you soon ;). Szia!