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Math Genius Academy Private Tutor

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Math Genius!

About this Course

Personalized Math Tutoring for Success


One-To-One Personalized Tutoring Based On Your Needs And Goals

To Acquire And Develop:

  • A positive attitude to mathematics, including confidence, enjoyment and perseverance
  • The ability to understand and use mathematics as a means of communication and to clearly express and represent ideas and facts
  • An understanding of the role that mathematics plays in our daily life and society
  • An intuitive feeling for numbers, measures, shapes, movement, position
  • The ability to apply mathematical skills to situations encountered in everyday life
  • The ability to carry out calculations and to understand the significance of the results obtained
  • An appreciation for patterns and relationships in mathematics
  • An appreciation of the interdependence of different branches of mathematics
  • The basic mathematical knowledge and skills necessary for further study
  • Self-confidence and the ability to work independently and cooperatively

There are 2 private sessions each week.

Each session is 40 minutes.

US $128 each 4 weeks.

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Learning modules

  • Week 1
    • First Tutor Session: Introduction and Needs Analysis

About the Instructor

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Our Experienced Tutors will help you become a confident Math Genius.

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Our experienced math tutors have degrees in mathematics or fields which require mathematics. 

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Our tutors are experienced, passionate teachers and they know how to engage students and simplify difficult concepts. 

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In addition to being intelligent, our tutors are able to listen well, communicate clearly, and they adapt their teaching style to fit your child 



Nzingha Mbande

My tutor helps me become more confident about maths.


Leonarda Newton

I can do much better in math at school now.