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Math Genius Academy: Adam S.

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Math Genius!

About this Course

Become a Math Genius With Personalized Tutoring


One-To-One Personalized Tutoring Based On Your Needs And Goals

To Acquire And Develop:

  • A positive attitude to mathematics, including confidence, enjoyment and perseverance
  • The ability to understand and use mathematics as a means of communication and to clearly express and represent ideas and facts
  • An understanding of the role that mathematics plays in our daily life and society
  • An intuitive feeling for numbers, measures, shapes, movement, position
  • The ability to apply mathematical skills to situations encountered in everyday life
  • The ability to carry out calculations and to understand the significance of the results obtained
  • An appreciation for patterns and relationships in mathematics
  • An appreciation of the interdependence of different branches of mathematics
  • The basic mathematical knowledge and skills necessary for further study
  • Self-confidence and the ability to work independently and cooperatively

There are 2 private sessions each week.

Each session is 40 minutes.

US $128 each 4 weeks.

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Learning modules

  • Week 1
    • First Math Genius Session: Introduction and Needs Analysis

    • Math Genius: Session 2

About the Instructor

9 courses

4 students


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Our Experienced Tutors will help you become a confident Math Genius.

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